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Photo Gallery of DSS Projects

Before Pic of St. Ives home
BEFORE: Ground termination shows the begining water damage to stucco in direct contact with the ground

Location: St. Ives

These two images represent stucco at ground level that would ultimately cause stucco wall failure.

After pic of St. Ives home
AFTER: Foundation cutting , resealing the old surface and color matching the new surface creates the space needed to protect the stucco finish.

Before pic of Greatwood Manor
BEFORE: Large crevises between trim and stucco were allowing water to seep behind the stucco walls.
Location: Greatwood Manor

This residence required major caulking between windows/door and stucco using an approved caulking sealant.
After pic of Greatwood Manor
AFTER: The finishing sealant is applied to all gaps arounds window and doors.

Before pic of Atlanta home
BEFORE: Cracks and separation of stucco handrails and ballisters required extensive resurfacing.
Location: Atlanta

Exterior stucco on ballisters and handrails.
After pic of Atlanta home
AFTER: Restuccoed surface is now attractive and functional.

Before pic of Dover Cliff home
BEFORE: The lack of proper water diversion will ultimately destroy the stucco surface.
Location: Dover Cliff

The photo on the left is lacking a diverter to keep water away from the stucco siding. The image on the right shows proper installation of a diverter.
After pic of Dover Cliff home
AFTER: A diverter flashing will keep run-off water flowing through the gutters and away from the home's siding.

Before pic of Buttercup Trace
BEFORE: Wall damage on stucco surface.

Location: Buttercup Trace

The left side image shows the start of a repair to a hole in a stucco wall. The right side image shows the repaired wall.

After pic of Buttercup Trace
AFTER: Repair to wall with color matching of original stucco.

These images represent only a small portion of the projects we have successfully completed. Additional samples of our work will be gladly provided upon request.


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